The study of ungrammaticality in narrative discourse of Specific Language Impairment
Víctor M. Acosta, Universidad de La Laguna, España
Ana María Moreno, Universidad de La Laguna, España
Ángeles Axpe, Universidad de La Laguna, España
Víctor M. Acosta, Ana María Moreno y Ángeles Axpe, 2014: "El estudio de la agramaticalidad en el discurso narrativo del trastorno específico del lenguaje", Onomázein 29, 118-128.
DOI: 10.7764/onomazein.29.11

The main objective of this research was to determine the ungrammaticality in SLI students' narrative discourse and compare it with the productions of children with typical development. The final sample consisted of 35 children diagnosed with SLI and 21 children without language problems. The children's age range was from 5 years (on the last year of preschool education) to 11 years (on fifth grade). The analysis was based on the production of oral stories taken from the tale Frog, where are you? The results showed that students with SLI produced a higher proportion of grammatical errors as well as ungrammatical and unstructured sentences.