Examples of Salvadoran jejeo in Salarrué's Cuentos de barro
Juan Pablo Rodríguez Prieto, Butler University, United States of America
Juan Pablo Rodríguez Prieto, 2014: "Ejemplos de jejeo salvadoreño en Cuentos de barro de Salarrué", Onomázein 29, 78-89.
DOI: 10.7764/onomazein.29.10

By expanding the definition of jejeo with aspirations of fricative consonants in syllable/word initial position, dialectal examples which previously did not have a precise terminology to be identified, as fuerte ['hwer.te], can now be defined. In Salarrué's Cuentos de barro there are dozens of terms that justify the expansion of the definition of jejeo, suggesting, in addittion, the need to determine the subgroup of fricative consonants that can suffer such an aspiration process.