The Creation of the Dialogical Model in Sixteenth Century Spanish: Mutual Influences between Translations of Erasmus’s Colloquies

Santiago del Rey Quesada, Universidad de Tubinga, Alemania
Santiago del Rey Quesada, 2014: "La creación del modelo dialógico en el castellano del siglo XVI: interferencias entre las traducciones de los Coloquios de Erasmo", Onomázein 30, 127-145
DOI: 10.7764/onomazein.30.8

This article attempts to describe the modus interpretandi in different translators of Erasmus’s Colloquia, which are a key work to the understanding of the creation and development of dialogic discourse in Spanish Renaissance. The analysis of the different documents allows us to confirm that some interpreters produce texts which stem more strongly from the Latin original whereas others are clearly based on existing Spanish translations. The aim of this study is to establish a map of the mutual influences between these translations, which represent an exceptional case of translated literature in Renaissance. Actually, there are not many works in sixteenth century with four translations of the same text. This fact highlights the influence of the Colloquies on Spanish cultural life of the period.