Program effects in Spanish Children with Phonological Disorder
José Luis Gallego Ortega, Universidad de Granada, España
Isabel Angustias Gómez Pérez, Universidad de Granada, España
Mª Fernanda Ayllón Blanco, Universidad de Granada, España
José Luis Gallego Ortega, Isabel Angustias Gómez Pérez y Mª Fernanda Ayllón Blanco, 2015: "Program effects in Spanish Children
with Phonological Disorder", Onomázein 31, 167-186.
DOI: 10.7764/onomazein.31.11

The main objective of this research was to check the effects of an articulatory program in the speech of students with phonological disorder. It was used a sample of 50 preschool and primary children, who were divided in two groups: the experimental one, which received the program, and the control one, which initially did not take part in the program. Through a quasi-experimental design pre-post test with equivalent control group, it was showed that the experimental group overtook the control group in all of the variables. The results obtained allow us to accept the validity of this program in general terms.