Enunciation and perception: evidentiality in Spanish tourist texts

Belén Alvarado Ortega, Universidad de Alicante, España

Belén Alvarado Ortega, 2016: "Enunciación y percepción: la evidencialidad en los textos turísticos del español", Onomázein 33, 327-342.
DOI: 10.7764/onomazein.33.19

The aim of this paper is to provide a proposal study based on modality in utterances and its relationship between them and evidentiality, as a linguistic resource, because there are some markers (evidentials) in touristic texts, which coding the knowledge resource and the point of view. This study has a corpus based in 50 tourist texts published in El País website (between 2013-2014). We analyze the author´s linguistic resources to show the way he gets the information appeared in the utterance, in order to persuade and inform the reader, through epistemic modality. Furthermore, it is a specialized language, Spanish for tourism, which has a lower degree of specialization than other specialized languages, making further interesting the study of evidentials as a modality linguistic resource.