Intonation patterns in news headlines in the Spanish television channels

Lluís Mas, Universidad Pompeu Fabra, España

Lluís Mas, 2016: "Patrones entonativos de los titulares de informativos en los canales de televisión españoles", Onomázein 33, 343-366.
DOI: 10.7764/onomazein.33.20

The aim of this article is to describe the intonation trends in the headlines of the main Spanish television channels. For this, a discursive-perspective of analysis is taken. First, the prosodic
features of the three prosodic patterns identified for the news reading discourse in different media and contents are described: the singsong, the emphatic and the natural. Secondly, an acoustic analysis is carried out to identify the pitch peaks and intonation contours by using percentages on a 79 corpus of contours, classified in anacrusis, body and final inflexion, which belong to the beginning, development and end of the headline. Results show a general tendency to use the natural pattern, although there are two sensationalist-driven channels that still use the singsong and the emphatic patterns. Finally, it is proposed that a comprehensive structure of news be modeled with margins for variability depending on text content.