Discourse markers and functional contexts: reformulation as a discursive construction
Fernando Polanco Martínez, Universidad de Barcelona, España
Fernando Polanco Martínez, 2016: "Marcadores del discurso y contextos funcionales: la reformulación como construcción discursiva", Onomázein 34, 14-35.
DOI: 10.7764/onomazein.34.5

This work deals with the explanatory potential of applying a constructional approach of functional contexts to the semantic-functional description of conversational markers. We focus our attention in the function of reformulation and in some of its typical discursive markers in spoken Spanish, as o sea, vamos and vaya. We think that this proposal can explain better the sense effects that some reformulative markers present depending on the context they appear. From a constructional perspective, this contextual interpretations can be understood as constructional senses (Polanco, 2013a, 2014) derived from the interaction of the general meaning of the discursive construction, which acts as a functional context, and the prototypical sense of the discursive marker.