Luis de Valdivia’s Millcayac and Allentiac treaties (1607). News of a bibliographic finding

Nataly Cancino Cabello – Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México

Nataly Cancino Cabello, 2017: "Los tratados millcayac y allentiac (1607) de Luis de Valdivia. Noticia de un hallazgo bibliográfico", Onomázein 37, 112-143.
DOI: 10.7764/onomazein.37.11

In this paper, we report the discovery of Luis de Valdivia’s Doctrina cristiana, catecismo y confesionario en las dos lenguas más generales que corren en la Provincia de Cuyo, which has two treaties, one Millcayac and other Allentiac. To describe the volumen, first, we place it in Valdivia’s production. Secondly, we study the history of Huarpe people and their languages, Millcayac and Allentiac. Subsequently, we describe the pilgrimage of the fragments of this edition hitherto known. Finally, as research proposals, we present this volume, compared with Valdivia’s work on mapudungun (1606) and III Provincial Council of Lima’s “complementos pastorales” (1584-1585).