When emotions burst out: comparative analysis of the use of interjections in Terence’s comedies and Seneca’s tragedies

Luis Unceta Gómez – Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, España

Luis Unceta Gómez, 2017: "Cuando las emociones irrumpen: análisis comparativo del empleo de las interjecciones en las comedias de Terencio y las tragedias de Séneca", Onomázein 38, 107-146.
DOI: 10.7764/onomazein.38.06

The aim of this paper, the third of a series, is to offer a comparative analysis of the main usages developed by interjections in the theatrical corpus set up by Terence’s comedies and Seneca’s tragedies, grouping them according to the kind of emotional content they express. It also offers a reflection on the function of interjections in the analyzed genre.