The usage of anglicisms within the framework of Marketing academic vocabulary

Paloma López Zurita – Universidad de Cádiz, España

Paloma López Zurita, 2018: "El uso de anglicismos en el contexto del vocabulario académico de Marketing", Onomázein 39, 114-139.
DOI: 10.7764/onomazein.39.06

The current Advertising and Marketing field is full of anglicisms, considered unnecessary by many authors. This invasion of foreign terms has gained the help of a perfect ally in the last years: the Internet and new marketing strategies, which have accelerated the speed of expansion of these terms as well as their scope, taking a worldwide and global dimension. Therefore, the transfer of this professional sociolect to the university academic context in which students are trained in this area would be logical. For this reason, this papers aims at analysing the anglicisms used in the Degree in Marketing and Market Research of the University of Cádiz. Through a detailed analysis of the learning material provided to students through the virtual campus of every subject included in the above mentioned Degree, it has been established which ones include anglicisms in their usual terminology, to what extent and what these anglicisms are. It has also been checked if there are conceptual equivalents in the target language, to evidence whether the use of these anglicisms is due to the absence of specific terms in Spanish or whether, on the contrary, it is due to a fashionable diaphasic variant belonging to Marketing sociolect as a result of the social connotations that English has acquired in this context.