Verbalization of motion and location events in Spanish sign language: An analysis of depicting constructions with entity classifiers

Carmen Cabeza – Universidade de Vigo, España
José M. García-Miguel – Universidade de Vigo, España

Carmen Cabeza y José M. García-Miguel 2018: "Verbalización de eventos de movimiento y localización en lengua de señas española (LSE): un análisis de las construcciones descriptivas con clasificador de entidad",
Onomázein 41, 227-263.
DOI: 10.7764/onomazein.41.13

Based on a corpus of narratives elicited from the Pear film, depicting constructions with entity classifiers have been analyzed in order to describe how the arguments of predication are introduced in discourse, how Figure and Ground are selected as well as their order of appearance. Also studied was the contribution of manual and nonmanual components to the conceptual elaboration of events, through the interaction between depicting constructions and the so-called constructed action.