Syntactic and textual analysis of independent infinitives

Sara Quintero Ramírez – Universidad de Guadalajara, México

Sara Quintero Ramírez 2018: "Étude syntaxique et textuelle des constructions infinitives indépendantes", Onomázein 41, 147-166.
DOI: 10.7764/onomazein.41.05

This study undertakes a syntactic and textual analysis of independent infinitives in French, i.e., interrogative infinitives, exclamatory infinitives, injunctive infinitives and narrative infinitives. The main purpose of this research is to illustrate the functions of these infinitives at the sentence level and at the textual level. Although these infinitives are considered independent constructions, it is necessary to take into account cotext and context so that users of the language can understand them in a more comprehensive way.