University Students’ Perception of Mobile Phone Assisted Foreign Language Learning

María Victoria Fernández Carballo – Universidad de Vigo, España

María Victoria Fernández Carballo, 2019: "Percepción del alumnado universitario sobre el aprendizaje de lengua extranjera a través del teléfono móvil", Onomázein 44, 85-105.
DOI: 10.7764/onomazein.44.05

One of the approaches that is arising more and more in the field of education, and more specifically in the foreign language field, is mobile phone assisted learning. The aim of this paper is to investigate, through a questionnaire survey divided into 4 parts, the actual use of mobile phones by 40 Ourense campus (University of Vigo, Spain) students, their attitudes and the problems they face. The most significant findings show that in order to integrate the mobile device successfully into the teaching-learning process, this should be accompanied by specific training of users, encouraging the use of the tool and favouring attitudes, because if the end users are not convinced of its success, this will result in a high probability of failure.